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Architect, Designer, Thinker, Doer, Dreamer, Professor, Director & Happy!.

Aaron Paul Brakke is an architect and designer born and educated in the United States. He is Founder and Director of Design at Whiteknee. He studied architecture at Ball State University where he graduated with a post professional degree in Architecture (MArch II). His educational background also includes an intensive study in Regenerative Ecological Design through the Ecosa Institute. This experience provided the opportunity to inhabit Arcosanti and dialogue with the visionary architect Paolo Soleri. He has worked with several avant-garde architecture firms in New York such as; Joseph Giovannini and at Archi–tectonics (Winka Dubbeldam). He currently works and lives in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. Aaron is Professor of Architecture at the Universidad Piloto de Colombia. His primary activities involve teaching and research in ancestral and contemporary technology. He is currently the Director of the Center of Innovation which is constructing a physical space that blends the elements of a Fablab with tools for Visualization (VR and Augmented Reality). This emphasis is carried over to practice as WHITEKNEE continues to explore the way to which advances in digital tools are transforming the processes of design, visualization and manufacturing. This work has been published and presented in several countries in South America, North America and Europe.